Can You REALLY Get a Better Butt in Just Two Weeks? We Tried It.


Better Butt Challenge Getty Images / Graphic Design by Candace Napier

There’s nothing quite like summer and its requisite cheeky lycra bikini bottoms to make you pay attention to your assets. While butt workouts and, um, butts in general are clearly trendy topics (remember butt week, you guys?), women have been searching for ways to trim, lift or tone their derrière long before Cher taught Tai about “Buns of Steel” in “Clueless.” But even with as much buzz as the booty gets, it’s still kind of a difficult area to target with workouts.

The exercises typically aren’t as straightforward as bicep curls for your arms or booking a spin class to build up your cardio. That’s why we were so intrigued when we came across the Better Booty 14 Day Challenge—in an easy-to-follow PDF print out, mind you!—that targets getting your butt in the shape you want. Exercise pro Sara Haley, who…

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PillPack looks to upend how you buy your pills

Palm Beach Post Health Beat

It’s not unusual for even a somewhat healthy person these days to have three or more pills to take every morning.

View of seven hydrocodone pills Wednesday Nov 20, 2013 in West Palm Beach. (Bill Ingram/Palm Beach Post) A New Hampshire company aims to change the way you take your pills. (Bill Ingram/Palm Beach Post)

And as we all know, it’s easy to forget one or to keep the parade of medicinal bottles straight.

Enter PillPack.

The New Hampshire-based company aims to “upend the retail-pharmacy industry by packaging customers’ medicines not by type, but by the date and time at which they need to be taken,”according to Forbes.

“We wanted to take all the things pharmacies had to do,” said PillPack CEO TJ Parker to Forbes, “and throw them out the window.”

The company contends that medication non-adherence cost the U.S. healthcare system $100 billion.

PillPack announced in June that it secured a $50 million funding round, led by CRV, an early-stage venture capital firm.”They really care about…

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Do you need a detox?

Kathy McKelley Statham

11705-a-beautiful-woman-holding-a-glass-of-juice-pvI’m sure you’ve seen them around: “cleanse” and “detox” programs promising to jump-start your health and weight-loss journey in anywhere from three to 30 days. Some involve juices, smoothies or shakes, some involve supplement pills, powders and specially packaged “foods”. Nearly all of them promise big results, fast. But do you need a cleanse or detox in order to kick off your journey to health and wellness?

In a word: no.

I am not at all a fan of cleanse and detox programs and don’t include them as part of my health coaching practice. Here’s why:

  1. They’re often deficient in calories, protein and/or fat — all things your body desperately needs to stay healthy and strong.
  2. They don’t actually do anything to reduce whatever toxic load you might be carrying (your liver and kidneys detoxify your body all day, every day).
  3. They’re expensive.
  4. They don’t produce lasting results.

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Memo Pad: You are capable of change


2387819098_6d08d11158_z Photo credit: Jeremy Tenenbaum

The biggest lie that depression told me is that nothing is ever going to change. That is the real ball-kicker, hope-strangler. And it’s a lie that I think is especially easy to believe because as humans, we depend a lot on permanence. Most of us crave steadiness, at least in some parts of life – we want a stable home, a loving family, a secure job in order to feel safe. It’s natural.

And because we need these things to stay the same, we have to believe that we will stay the same. If one thing changes, it has the potential to set off a chain of events that can bring the foundations of your life crashing to the ground. A life-changing moment for me came from Dorothy Rowe’s book (review to come at some point), when she writes (and I can’t find a quote so…

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7 ways to keep stress low and wellness up!

Eileen Lichtenstein’s Balance and Power Blog

If you often find yourself tense and on-edge, try these seven strategies to reduce stress.

  1. Get enough sleep.Inadequate or poor-quality sleep can negatively affect your mood, mental alertness, energy level, and physical health.
  2. Learn relaxation techniques. Meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, deep breathing exercises, and yoga are powerful stress-busters.
  3. Strengthen your social network. Connect with others by taking a class, joining an organization, or participating in a support group.
  4. Hone your time-management skills. The more efficiently you can juggle work and family demands, the lower your stress level.
  5. Try to resolve stressful situations if you can. Don’t let stressful situations fester. Hold family problem-solving sessions and use negotiation skills at home and at work.
  6. Nurture yourself. Treat yourself to a massage. Truly savor an experience: for example, eat slowly and really focus on the taste and sensations of each bite. Take a walk or a nap, or…

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Learning About Relaxation

Operation Life

I’m spending some time getting reacquainted with a very old friend today. That friend is Relaxation.

I used to spend lots of time with Relaxation, but we’ve been seeing each other less and less over the past few years. Since winter (maybe even late fall), I don’t think I’ve seen Relaxation at all.

My realization that I needed a date with Relaxation was sparked in late December, when I began training for my first marathon attempt. I looked ahead at the next 18 Saturdays and realized that each one of them would involve getting up really early to tackle increasingly long runs. It was slightly overwhelming thinking that, between work, church, coaching, and now marathon training, I would have no free days from late December through early May. Yikes. (Side note: This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy all the things I was/am still involved in. Because if I…

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